Americans People Really Don't Care

Is it true that the American people really don't care?

Below is a view of what was said on the senate floor by one of our wonderful Dem Leaders and what the view is of the American People.

I've placed the link so that you can watch the video if you like or you can read the transcript.

The video shows Schumer's statement on the senate floor in full.

Below is the transcript of the video:


'Chattering Classes'?

Published: Wed, 11 Feb 2009

Description: Spending plan's boosters dismiss concerns about pork in package


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

" House members hammer the bankers congressional leaders are hammering away and the final round of negotiations for the 800 billion dollar spending bill. The plan could go two week -- vote in congress today. Congress say both the house critics say rather both both the house and the Senate versions are still Layden with pork. But some Democrats say it the American people really could care less."

" And let me say this to all of the chattering class. That's so much focuses. On those little tiny. Yes porky amendments the American people really don't care."

" Republican senator from Oklahoma doctor Tom Coburn joins me live this morning from the capitol senator good morning. Good morning -- you reaction that statement by senator Chuck Schumer."

" Just think he's disconnected with the vast majority of Americans that they know pork -- related inside. Access they know it's related campaign contributions. They know it's the way the members of congress who agrees -- reelection. I think the American people care immensely. And I think that. He is missed what. It's probably the greatest thing that's undermining confidence in congress today is that we do things for ourselves. Not for our country and its best long term interest."

" You know you obviously this bill passed the Senate you opposed to only three Republicans voted in favor of her -- Specter of Pennsylvania and the two senators from Maine. I want to ask you because Barack Obama at his prime time news coverage came out of Monday night and started hammering the Republicans saying. You know it takes time change things in Washington these guys are used to doing business as usual and it is suggesting that you just don't get bipartisanship. And that's why virtually none of you. Signed on to support this bill your response to that --"

" Well I think is president Obama had a do over again he'd probably do this in a different way he's got to sell this package it's his package even though Nancy Pelosi and those who would want to socialize a good portion of America have written and he has to get past it can't fail. And so the gloves come off two say that we don't want to respect I don't know one Republican senators -- believe we need a stimulus package. What we don't need is the increase in the forever spending of the federal government by about 300 billion dollars additional. Per year we will never go away and that's exactly what this bill."

" You know what I think it's happening now as the conference takes place they try to reconcile the differences between the house on the Senate bill. It is that that the number of dollars they're going to be allocated to state government the house wants to be 79 billion. The Senate passed a version that gives them about half that about forty billion. You say whenever we give to the state government takes us down a very dangerous path that teaches the states some very dangerous lessons talents."

" Well I think number one is it is. We don't know how to manage the federal budget and consequently we put our country and a pretty big jam. We're gonna teach the states cannot be responsible as well. That there's no consequences to grow in your budget five times faster your population you don't have to make hard choices and the rest of the taxpayers in this country will let you out. If you take the states that have rainy day funds who have managed their states well. That we'll get through this well because they say they didn't grow your -- and all the members of their State's two pay taxes for the states that we're responsible. Half of all the deficit comes from one state California right yeah bailing out I thought I would definitely in five years. Let's try -- that's what we're doing we're bailing out California. And the fact is that there's nothing wrong with help -- to -- your loan them money when you're given -- money. You set in motion a very bad precedent that we'll come back upon this year you."

" You know the three senators who crossed over from the Republican side support this bill -- said. That it after the conference committee comes it comes back with that would have reconciled bill it has significant changes if it's not quote intact. They may vote against it do you think there's still any chance of killing this thing."

" Now I don't know I don't think they'll vote against it even if it is significantly changed. You know the velocity is -- We're going to have a giant. 12000 dollar per family spending bill we're gonna come with -- another bill Wilson at 6000 dollar from me. All that hard money and then move the tigers going to probably want to eight trillion. You know which is another 24000 dollars for fanned out on how we get out of this mess without either haven't hyperinflation. Or marked decrease in standard of living for kids and grandkids. It's basically the grandkids are gonna pay this bill isn't it. You bet you bet it's generational theft and I know that's an overused term but. It the -- the heritage of the country that one generation sacrifices of the next has greater opportunity. And and we're we're turning our back on the rather than take the pain now. Let the markets closed the banks that need to be close to let people losing assets that are overvalued. What relative to the work let's take the pain let's get out of this and then let's start working together as a country. Senator Coburn pleasure speaking with you thanks so much for being good -- he got bless you all the best."

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thanks for sharing this with us!

Jusy let me say that Shumer does not speak for me.

Yep, it's pathetic enough to make you want to vomit, isn't it?