Can't believe I've only just joined this group.

Guess I wasn't too concerned about the group stuff and more about Q and A.

Well either way, bring the truth no matter how hard it may be to hear sometimes. Been in too many relationships now were my honesty is held against me, while they lie to appear better and hold ammunition.

For the liars out there.
What are you trying to achieve?
You are screwing with proper communication, other people and whether you think it or not yourselves. Because chances are your lies will always tumble down, and searching for a lie and a story all the time would have to do your head in and explain all the umming and eerrrring. While the truth sayers can have words slip off their tongues with ease and no discomfort.

If your not good enough for someone, let them know or maybe it's time to change, grow and adapt instead of tricking people. For every lie you tell you miss an opportunity to grow and learn from your mistakes. Hiding behind the facade there is no accountability and no open lines of communication.

As for me, I'm too damn intuitive to know when I'm being lied too, if you screw up, face up to it, lying only makes me chase you further and creates more drama when you try every trick in the book to try and make me look like a lunatic when really you just don't want to be exposed.

Own up, deal with a little bit of temper for a bit and show some remorse. It will fade soon enough and be replaced by forgiveness since you showed respect in being forthright. If you continue to lie though, it only makes it far worse and the fight turns into about lies more than anything else. And you will not only not be trusted, you will be black listed as a liar and cheat. Fancy a scarlet letter? Or be truthful and honest with your dealings so we can work out who the **** we both are and if we are willing to work it out.

Must feel great being loved on a pretense of lies. At least when you are honest it's not a fantasy when someone shows interest.

As I said bring the truth, you gain respect, it shows conscience and leaves room for growth. Lies stop everything dead in it's tracks. Karma will catch up and you will not be trusted. If you are so afraid of losing someone so lie to keep them, how about not doing it in the first place instead of relying upon lies to keep someone interested for a little while longer...... Tell the truth and at least you can be trusted that you may grow and change. And at least it shows some respect for the other that they are allowed to see the true colours and make their own decisions as to why or if they love someone. Show some guts for once, and lay it on the line, hiding behind a lie, surely couldn't be good for the ego.
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This entry is a lie. Disprove me.

Care to elaborate? You offered nothing and it makes no sense.

That is IT!

I hold my heart open still but, days are numbered...