EP is so cool because it automatically connects you with people who are similar to you, but I think that seeing somebody's face and talking to them is so important. Or at least talking in person.

I feel like texting gives us a secret hideout where we can say things we wouldn't normally say in person. That can be helpful, it's nice to have an Outlet like that. But the problem is that too many people are letting texting replace their face to face conversation completely.

I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. But I just wish all of us humans were real with each other. I wish we could say our honest thoughts face to face. I know I cannot.
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Face to face has one big advantage. You can read body language and see the facial responses to a conversation. That's the largest part of the conversation in my book. You can't judge a persons reaction to a statement very well when you can't see them. Even a phone conversation has an advantage over texting. You can hear the persons vocal inflections and tell a lot about what they are thinking. Texting is far too impersonal. I will do it, when I have no choice. But I would much rather see them in person, or at the very least hear them over a phone.

Well why are you on here, this is not face to face

i just like to observe human behavior

You can try, don't say you can not😊