Who else just stays home in pjs all day? Just me? Ok 😜
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i do!!!! pm me

but shorts not pj's!
commando is best!

I do, I do!!

Me too ! but not every day.

This all I do :(

Me too 😁

you are young...wait until you start dating..lol...IM in my 30s and I can say that I did all the clubbing etc in my 20s, but this time in my life I like to be home. Im a home body. I would rather be in my PJ's watching a good movie or reading, rather then going out

That's defiantly me! haha 😂

Pjs while watching my fave movie 😁😁😁

All the time? Do you feel anxiety out around people? I am similar.

I don't but I just like to stay home

Well that's not really a bad thing. Out is often overrated.

youre right, it is.. Now i just LOVE going out and hittin the town , i go to every festival in the area, tractor and truck pulls, monst.r truck, rodeos, wine n dine...but when its all said and done, i wanna be at home where i can be free of my stuff. you know.....no makeup, barefoot and barebutt or whatever , glasses. let it all hang out and let the world shove it. One of the reasons my ex and i split, our home was always invaded . Never remember a time when people didnt wak in and out like it was their own home. I never EVER got use to that. Been divorce 14 yrs and my kids have to put up with it, people going thru their stuff , never a private moment. I think sometimes they like it but mostly they just want it quiet at home like theyre used to with me

Yeah, me too.


a fellow homebody? sweet!

Shut tha *** up

I do that like EVERY day. LMAO xD

Let's have a pj party...

No thanks.



If you want to go without PJs, that is fine... ;)

**** off you old perve, your like 100 YEARS old. 40 is ******* 100 years old to me.

I didn't mean that :)

I meant a party in street clothes. Geez!!

Quit trolling me. You're embarrassed because i reacted the way i did. Perves like you need to **** off. You are BLOCKED.

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Especially on cold days!! :)

Count me in! :D PJ's on!!

Hahaha I actually have been in Pjs all day today 😂

PJs be like, "Let's break UP!!" and you were like "Baby, You're all mine!" Hahahaha

That just made my night 😂😂 hahahaha

Marry your Pjs now babe...

Eventually ha

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yeah me too

If you can do it, do it!!