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Ive fallen asleep again the taste of last nights cheese burger in my mouth the car Windows misty with my breath and my even my clothes felt cold i pick up the polystyrene cup to sip it the floating cigarette but discourages me.
now rubbing my to life my eyes lock on the clock on the dashboard
5.30 am ..

Ive missed the dammed drop and these documents could change everything
i catch my life hammered face in the mirror the years have taken there toll and it was starting to show

i rubbed the mist from in front of me and that when i saw her like a broken doll slumped ac cross the bonnet the frost had settled on her face and eyelashes and her lipstick made her look alive but those eyes that just stared and didn't blink ..........those eyes will follow me for the rest of my life

I opened the door the biter cold dock was empty and this poor kid who
was she?

.. that's when i noticed an envelope with my name printed on it tucked under the windscreen and realized that id been drudged and that this was a personal message I opened the envelope to find just two initials E.P. name that made my hairs stand on end and make my stomach Churn




ok find ten leads or................  continue the case  see below

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emotional person, empty package, email prank, endless prattle, effectively powerless, eaten prawns, encouraged persistently, egg pie, eternal pathos, Ernie Powalski.

I got back in the car, wanting to sit in the semi-warmth and think about it a bit. I switched on the radio and listened to Elvis Presley singing "Blue Suede Shoes", staring numbly at the girl in front of me. Who was she? Had some eternal power dropped her onto my bonnet as I slept?<br />
<br />
Reluctantly, I got out of the car again to invesigate further. I looked closely at her face. She was beautiful, like an evening primrose. She was wearing jeans and a jacket the colour of a ripe egg plant. The sight of her sleek figure lying prone on my car bonnet moved me to pity and sadness in equal portions.<br />
<br />
As I looked at her hand, I noticed that it was covered in a sticky substance that I didn't recognise. I wondered vaguely if it could have been ecto plasm; recalling a somewhat insane emergency plumber who had once come to my house and assured me that the blockage to the toilet was caused by a poltergeist. He also spoke at inappropriate length on the subject of edible panties, so I was inclined not to take him too seriously.<br />
<br />
I decided there was only one thing to do - take the girl to my friend, Max. Max lived just a few blocks away and had a large number of connections. I was never quite sure how, but she always seemed to know what was going on. I was also looking forward to getting myself into an environment which had electrical power - the cold was starting to bite into my fingers.<br />
<br />
It took quite a bit of elbow power to move the girl into the boot of my car but, finally, I took off for Max's.

Elvis Presley, Ecto Plasm, Eternal Power, Evening Primrose, Elbow Power, Equal Portions, Emergency Plumber, Edible Panties, Egg Plant, Electrical Power

she was so cold this was an empty puzzle i put my hand into my pocket to find my phone.........<br />
but realized that i had no effective proof and I wasnt gonna hand over the entire package and end up their evening prey nope there was no early prize this time .whoever this girl was working for didnt seem to care much about their employees profit ,i had a corps on the front of my car and all i wanted to do was be in the warmth of my rented room with some effervecent pills .and stare at the electric paterns on the broken tv set until i figure out what the hell happend becouse until then it would be like an eternal pain the kind of thing that would send most into an effortless panic

eclectic patterns, evening prey, early prize, empty puzzle, entire package, everlasting pain, effertless panic, effective proof, employee's profit, effervescent pills,