I am craving caffeine so bad but I have made a promise that I am not going to drink soda.  I swear if I wasn't afraid I would drown from it or get ice cubes up my nose I would suck it right up my nose right now.  I am craving it bad!!!!

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

OMG... I would so be on that HBY. I would be at that machine for my fix every day. I am so screwed because they have the Pepsi throwback out here right now and it has that glorious sugar in it. I made J. tell me he doesn't want me to drink it so I would feel guilty. I gained 6 pounds in two weeks off those bossturds!!!! I gave the case to B's. daughter (for those who don't know B. he is my personal trainer) and now he knows I had a stash hid lol. Actually there is another case in my trunk because I hid them when the nieces and nephews were here, You want them?

At my new office they have those lttle glass bottles of icy cold coke. Now, you KNOW I don't hardly ever drink soda, but I just HAD to have one the other day, and it was so good!