1 name: unknown

2 residency: Earth

3 occupation: student

4 hobbies: watching and playing football, competitive swimming, reading

5 achievements: don't wanna boast

6 star sign: cancer

7 things I shouldn't be doing: eating desserts, smoking (Idc)

8 dislikes: shopping

9 reason for joining EP: only as a pass time, not to date or "chat"(unless it's a few people whom I know ^_^)

10 don't take ep seriously.

11 I'm extending this list because I DO NOT ADD CREEPS. I BLOCK THEM.
ExerydamnthingxD ExerydamnthingxD
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 27, 2014

What a plain name.

10 don't take ep seriously. ----- I was of the same though a while ago but after meeting someone in my city, I have started taking it seriously.....lol

9 - would be the majority's take... But then again I may be totally wrong.10 - EP takes you seriously as they are a marketing company that uses behavioural targeting..

Yes, but I don't take it seriously and that what matters