The thing is, sure, being naked and comfy and together in our bare skin is a wonderful thing. But too often people overlook the sensual joys of how we get into our birthday suits. Before the joys of exploring each other's erogenous zones gets into full flight...

... there is still the delicious feel of the arching curve of her back through silk. There is the precise and detailed exploration of releasing this one small pearl button. There is the satisfying "snick" of the last bra clasping hook parting.

And as things progress, the more hungry tugging at her jeans snap or the raucous 'zzzzz' of her zip sliding down.

At the same time, she's enjoying muscles inside a shirt. The obvious tension of unreleased trousers. The yank on the belt to release the clasp.

All these joys are transitory, but each waits for that next time. To be enjoyed and sipped in slowly... unless it is one of those times when the primal needs mean that it cannot happen fast enough. But either way... I'd unrobe you after you unrobe me...
nascent45 nascent45
46-50, M
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

this is so very true,my lady loves to undrerss me just as much as I love to undress her ,sometimes we play ***** poker ,just a little different ,the winner gets to take off what ever piece of clothing he or she wants to remove from the loser,I always go for her bottoms first cause I love looking at her big round *** and cute little *****