I guess that I give myself naked to anyone who is genuine in his or her feelings and sharing of thoughts with me. I don't take it as me being sluttish but I do love to bear all to people who really appreciate me. Most of the time these people, who are very few indeed, are so very different, so very abnormal. Almost abnormal. They are very intelligent, quirky, and have very broad shoulders indeed.
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I get a clear vision of you and nudigirl but not sure why

You are correct, we are a lil different :)

Add me please : )

I always like to be naked in front of a clothed woman

sounds like me, please share

You sound a very intelligent woman. Would like to get to know you. Would you please add me?

It's interesting . . . your last sentence pretty much what my girlfriend said to me when we first went out.

Love your story. Please add me. Would love to chat anytime.

How exactly do I meet you? You strike me as an amazing person.

when I undress someone I like to cover any skin that I bare on them with kisses as soon as I remove the article of clothing that was covering it

Very interesting..

That would be an interesting experience.