D100 Anviz On Mystore365.com

You must know what is attendance. We all know, attendance has been widely used for enterprises and companies. It is used of human biological characteristics to identify. It is the unique office desktop fingerprint attendance machine and easy to install, which apply American Ti 32 low-power high-speed processor so that it runs with high computing speed. It shows 4 lines * 8 words graphic display and 65 * 35MM (sight), clarity. The benefits of d100 anviz are high-quality humane voice prompt, convenient operation, fully sealed waterproof and dustproof optical fingerprint scanner, long service life. Moreover, it computes quickly and accurately than others because of its core algorithm.

It also supports unique repair of broken lines, templates smart update feature fingerprint recognition ability, standard USB communication, fast data transfer.
The first USB interface power supply mode to achieve the first-line of communication with the computer and single fingerprint, ID + fingerprint, ID + password, fingerprint + password authentication to ensure the attendance data integrity and security. What is more, the capacity has increased, that is 2000 of
fingerprint capacity and 50000 of record capacity.

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qiangqiangshijie qiangqiangshijie
Dec 5, 2012