See You Reply They Arn't Of Senior Younger Brother

See you reply they arn't of senior younger brother, I think some people misunderstanding I mean, this is not to write how powerful the pure pure backflow, more is not to cause fine back and hit back to struggle. Mainly is to want to walk the Cheap MapleStory Gold fine backflow't of senior younger brother a little thought. Strike back or life steal, blood back or are good recovery means, and this post is not to give up all the way, just tell you have a road just, and then combining with personal usage insight to want to go this way of thinking a little the't of senior younger brother.

In this strike back to fanatical version, fine back has been at relatively awkward position, also there are many people who want to pile of fine back to the but again not really sure if have effect. Because the little monk from level 60 level full have been is Lord go fine backflow, here is write a personal to understand and use of pure back to experience, on the one hand, want to want to pile of fine back to one model of the't of senior younger brother. On the other hand also hope to derive from their masters here you get more inspiration.

A first write personal opinion it begins:
1, I think it's fine allowed the essence of monks, to pile of must lift, with majestic 150 + will have very good effect
2, fine backflow doesn't mean don't need to strike back, in 150 + essence based on the back with about 600 strike back, you're undead jack Bauer
maplestorymesos4 maplestorymesos4
22-25, M
Jan 22, 2013