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Each time saw a post title is ***** silk welfare Build, are full of happy point in. Find character panel is six, seventy thousand DPS, the heart always drifts with the sadness of a logo. Nima za three, forty thousand DPS players don't even SiDou ***** when not on baa!!!!!! (lift table) and the building Lord recall a painful experience, to improve the current most popular infinite ice, designed for we really - ***** wire created their own remote infinite ice.

Skill scheme
The Build core is with their secret method meteorites instead of spontaneous detonation skills, thus liberated the mage output distance, greatly increasing the safety factor; Another output skill electricity ball instead of the cyclone, alleviated the ***** silk are cabala consumption of pressure.

Panel properties
This Build only need two attributes: be crit and crit back to the secret. Their own crit heap to 35%, and 3% of lyndon is OK, and crit back to secret is in at least 15 point above. The building Lord equipment in addition to secondary auction buy 50 w beyond, and the other is the output. Crit back to secret chose deputy eight points and hat 9. (the weapon on the back to the secret is too expensive, we ***** wire will not consider)
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Jan 24, 2013