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Houston City Police Dept.
DWI Patrol Brutality.

I went to dinner with a friend (Japanese). We split a bottle of saki and had a beer each. We then went to his house to watch a recorded college football game. We did not continue drinking while watching t.v. His son was there as he was on parental duty for the night. Around 10pm, I decided to head home or see what else was going on.

I am very familiar with his neighborhood, as we both grew up there. I was coming up on a green light, making a left. The light turned yellow as I was in the middle of the intersection. I see a police car on the right side and think to myself that I made the correct decision; because if I had tried to stop at that yellow light, I would be stopped in the middle of the intersection. However, without fail, the police pulled me over for "running a red light".

The officer's first question was whether I had been drinking. So, fearing they may smell remnants of alcohol from 4 hours earlier (btw I am 200lbs and half a bottle of saki and a beer will not do much, especially after 4 hours). So, I explained to them that I had 2 drinks at dinner 4 hours prior. Immediately they asked me to evacuate my vehicle. I did. From the start, the officer in charge was not very polite to say the least. It was clear that he did not care for me and only wanted to prove that I was intoxicated. He asked me to do a field sobriety test. Having never done one prior and the fear of stories I have heard over the years of how the system works, I opted out and requested a blood alcohol test. My exact words were, "No sir. I do not feel comfortable with the accuracy of a field sobriety test officer." That was how drunk I was.....

Well, apparently, that was the wrong thing to say. He immediately shoved me up against my vehicle requesting my keys. Realizing that it was most probable that I was going to take a trip with the officers, I also realized that they would impound my vehicle. So, pressed against my vehicle, I take my keys out and try to detach the cars keys from the house keys, as I had a latch specifically for that. While doing this, the officer grabbed at my keys. My finger was in the ring part because I was trying to detach them. So as hes pulling at my keys, in which now my finger is stuck. He then yells at his comrade that I am resisting arrest. I irrevocably try to explain that my finger is caught and by no means am I resisting arrest.

At this point, he picks me up and slams me to the ground, jumping on top of me. All I can think is, "Is this happening?". My forehead was gashed, blood everywhere. I was "so drunk", I managed to memorize his badge number and the license plate of the police vehicle.

I know this is a lesser brutality than others, but the fact that they get away with this behavior is disgusting.

I got one of the worst DWI lawyers I could find and explained to him that I was not intoxicated. Of course he did not believe me either. However, with the license plate number of the police vehicle and the bade number of the officer, we were able to request the video, which of course was "lost". Which had proof that I wanted a BAC test and that I was not intoxicated.

The case was thrown out and I was warned to not press charges as that would place a target on my head if I was pulled over in the future....

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I guess Power is what they show. But you see they would know when time come

that is hpd at its best they don't get any better at all