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Here is a brillant idea for all you crossdressing dads out there. Why not include your sons in this wonderful activity. Why teach them about cars or sports when dressing up could be a lot of fun for you both. To be honest, the reason for this to be done is to bring you both closer together and expereince the same things. Why does everything have to be macho or jock oriented when this will be far more educational for you both. Dressing together will open up communication between the two of you as well. Many sons do cd in private and with shame in mind. If you were to openly encourage dressing together, he will not feel shame in doing this with you. We need to get the shame and embarrasment, and fear out of the equation. The talks and time together would be priceless. The benefits of him dessing with you would be no sneaking around and wearing his moms or sisters stuff. He should have his own things to wear at home with you while cooking dinner or watching tv together. Could you imagine if he said he would put on a dress or a skirt, relax with you and talk about what he is feeling and you understand that. He would so enjoy being able to talk with you about his feelings on crossdressing with pride. No father should shun his son if he likes to crossdress. That will only have them be distant. We need to bridge that gap in our society today. When fathers do catch their sons crossdressing, there usually is a yelling match going on, which drags them apart and harms the relationship. We need to fix this and let sons dress up with pride with dad. I see nothng wrong with this idea and dads who read this, please think about it. Why does everything you do with your son have to be macho or testosterone driven. Have a girl weekend together and do something different to unwind from the stresses of life. Also have you and your son spend the summer in dresses and skirts. Much cooler and more comfortable It will be a lot of fun and a learning expereince for you both. You will have a better understanding of how females dress for the day too. So enjoy doing something totally different.
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My son's school holds a talent show, and every year the 5th grade boys conduct a dance lip/sync dressed as girls. It's always a big hit with the school. So when he was in the 5th grade, I signed him up.<br />
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All the mom's got together to do the planning, work on the dance routine, etc. It was a fun experience for all. We turned the dress rehersals into parties where everyone - even the dads, were all dressed in pretty party dreses.

Well sais Justin! It is a delight seeing more men and boys in Skirts and Dresses. what would be wrong with father and son doing ballet Together for that matter! I Love your perspective!

If you son enjoys being a girl then all the best! its about how he feels in the end. Do you have a son that you dress as girls together?

Spending time with my dad fishing or watching sports or hunting was quality time.I LOVED it with my dad.I'd give anything to do it again since he passed.I don't need my son wearing girls clothes to spend quality time together.

Sounds like a father - son bonding occurence, but instead of the usual fishing trip or watching the ball game - they would spend quality time together.

Only if the son wants to.Not all boys want to dress.