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The lifestyle was introduced to me a few months ago by a man that insisted that he was an experienced Daddy, unfortunately for me he wasn't. My curiosity was sparked and I began an interesting journey into researching EVERYTHING!! I am intrigued by all of it, to the point of posting on Craigs List for a "Daddy Dom"...needless to say the crazies came out of the woodwork. There was one man that took his time to answer my questions and began grooming me for his own. I have met him and we continue the discussions through email...I believe he is the one I will choose, I can't wait to see where this takes me....I'll keep you posted!!
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Would like an update as well. I too found a person online that insisted they were experienced. They lived close to me yet twice failed to meet as arranged. I had to break it off after about 6wks I did not want this type of dynamic online only.
I have researched a lot about this now and am much wiser for it. I have recently met someone else that says they have been a Daddy several times. It is very favorable that he is taking his time, making mention of things I would not expect a faker to know. So things are in fact looking up when I was essentially giving up. :)

Thank you for sharing your experience. How it is all going for you? I am involved with a Daddy dom online and he is very considerate. We have much in common outside of a D/s sexual relationship. I think it is important to share other interests as it builds intimacy which I think is the driving force behind such a relationship.