Ok, My husband of ten years called my Papa a few weeks ago and carved a new *******.....Yes, Dads been selfish, self consuming, inattentive and blind to the real issues.... today I called him and all he could say was how hurt he was that my husband called and challenged him on his ****. He was condescending and ignoring the root of the issue blaming it on my husband for being so abrupt. He is a chicken **** that left four kids for the town ***** and never looked back. yet he appeals to me and my heart strings as the victim here because my husband called him on his ****.....Now I feel upset and guilty because he's upset with me..... this is such a bunch of CRAP!!!!! Such a child at 91 years of age..... He never accepts the hurt he has caused or the continuing feel sorry for me **** that I continually encounter..... help here.
dustrising dustrising
51-55, F
Aug 19, 2014