International Child Abduction

I wouldnt know where to begin this story. I only know that I need help, alot of it. For starters I just need to feel less alone in this struggle and have someone to talk to. The details of this story are far too numerous to tell the story.

But the summary of it is that I had a short relationship with a woman in a foreign country while I was working there back in 2009. After learning she was pregnant, we spoke for a few days and I had to leave. Weeks after that, she stopped exchanging emails and deleted me from Skype. Again the story is long, but I came back just 2.5 months after the "birth" to search for her. I eventually found her with the help of an investigador and she told me that she lost the child at 7 months. The ugly feelings stayed with me(until today) so I started a second investigation, then a third. I have now spent 16 additional months in the country and recently found out that the girl has since moved to another foreign country, does in fact have a child, and could quite possibly be married.

I really dont know what to do. Im not rich, at all. I just want to stop being sad all the time and believe that there are people here with rights(the child to know and have a relationship with its father, me to know this and make decisions as to how to adjust my life for it, my mother and father who are suffering because of my suffering). Can anyone write me with something productive: spiritual, legal, etc... thank you
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You are out of luck sadly. I am Bosnian. I met an American woman in Greece. She had 2 of my children and vanished my son was 5 months old and she was pregnant. I did not have my son returned until those raising him decided to give him to me when he was 11. When he himself decided to leave my home he was allowed to do so because his certificate of birth did not have a listed father. I was told that he belonged solely to his mother and the only correct place for him to live is in her native country America.