Diapered Since I'm 9 Years Old

I'm 29 years old now, and I have to wear protections all the times for about 20 years. In fact, I had to wear at night as long I remember due bedwetting... So, 20 years ago somthing stupid happens : I just slided in a stair and fall. After a month of coma, I was quadriplegic and unable to talk. When I fall, I broke my neck and had a severe brain traumatism....
Now, I stll quadriplegic incomplete (I can't use or control my limbs) and bladder incontinent. My bladder is neurogenic that mean it works in reflex way. I don't feel the need to pee, it "just happens". I have a little bowel control but I have sometimes "accidents".
So diapers are a part of my life as glasses are the part of other people's life. Thank God, I have good eyes !
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Sorry about your accident , you poor baby.I bet you went through Hell! I'm incontinent totally from a roofing accident.I fell 20 ft down and landed on grass but I'm num from my waist down to my toes, and parts of my arms and hands are num.By num I mean no feelings in the nerves.I'm now disabled and my wife has to take care of me.I can't walk and not even with a walker.If I have to get around my wife helps and practically carries me
everywhere.I have to wear diapers,and be feed, and bathed.Sometimes I feel like I'm a baby, and my wife knows it.I can't even drink from a cup or glass and I even tried to drink from a baby sippy cup and spilled it allover, and my wife can't be there all the time I want a drink.So my wife bought me a baby bottle on the internet and I'm able to drink from it.This happened a year ago and I still cry to my wife about her diapering me and especially changing me.Then she still has to feed me like a baby and with a bib tied around my neck.Oh, plus I have to eat soft foods like foods from a blender and baby food from jars because I lost all my teeth.My wife doesn't mind at all taking care of me but I do, but she calms me down and hugs me and makes me feel better and tells me it's ok your my big loving baby.

It sounds like you have dealt with it pretty well.

Not sorry that you wear diapers; I wish I could be in them 24/7. But I am sorry to hear about your accident. Keep going!

i dont know what your complaining about i love to wear diapers

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