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I've posted a story of myself here:
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Feel free to leave a comment on my story...
Lorez Lorez 31-35 4 Responses Sep 13, 2010

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@abcd32:<br />
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Thanks for your support. I've had a few years to come to terms and accept who I am. I expect the same of others if they should learn of my challenges. Accept me as I am.

read your story. sorry to hear about you having to wear for medical need. however good to know about possible wife material. good luck with that. hope all goes well. i wear diapers for a comfort thing not for medical need.

@sezlez:<br />
Thanks for the comments. I'm curious if your wife ever used your condition against you in an argument. If so, how did you handle it?

I have read your story and it obviously wasn't your time to leave this world!! My continence issues, which are very similar to yours were through a work accident a long time ago. Always having had a "thing" about plastic baby pants, going back into them and nappies, although very strange at first, didn't bother me too much. Being married probably helped me as my wife was very understanding as I learned to cope with my new circumstances. Many years on, I make the best out of my situation as I'm sure you will.