Return To Diapers

When I was much much younger I used to wear diapers to help with my bed wetting problem and when that stopped I stopped wearing diapers. About a year ago I purchased some attends and started wearing them and discovered I really missed wearing diapers. I do not have to wear diapers but I love the way they feel and love to wet myself (no poop) and wear goodnights  almost every day and night. Also great under a skirt when I go out. Would love to meet other DL for chat and would love to meet another DL for fun.
Love Misty
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7 Responses Jan 13, 2011

Love to be friends. Do you live anywhere near York, UK?


I would love to change your diaper. Diapers are sexy as hell on women

I also love wearing diapers. I have always wanted to . Just recently started wearing again and they are AMAZING!

Diaper's are always great! I too love wearing them and wetting myself! More than happy to talk with you. I also love to wear skirts and dresses!

i love your pics,ypu have nice shape also,would love changing you diapers for you

great story,i love dressing and being a girl also we are about the same age,love your outfit