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 i always had a problem with wetting mom ,thinking she was helping ,did not allow me to wear,i ended up with a wet bed,ans i would get sick,miss school.i had accidents at school.wich led to me being bullied,and beaten up.since i was smaller,i was an easy target.even my brothers and sister picked on me.and i was withdrawn.i hit myself on the caused me so many mom carried me to a doctor.she explained that my body hasn`t matured.i was still wetting myself at 17.i went to a doctor.i was so humiliated .my mom went with me.i told her i never had a  dry night in my life,and i had accidents in the daytime.and it had gotten worse.she ordered a bunch of test.later,when i went back,she explained to me and my mom that i had a birth defect in my spine that was the cause.and it had already done permenant damage.and that it was also the cause for my problems grabbing things with my hands. she suggested that i should consider wearing on the way home ,i stopped and bought several packs.what was really embarissing,was i could not grab those stupid tabs.and i had to ask my mom for help.she laughed ans said  she would .and she diapered me.then i couldn`t put my pants on over them.she said ,just leave your shirt on,you don`t have to wear pants.anyway,since then i have grown to love diapers.

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thats ok your work your way up too these i love wearing nice thick diapers and rubber pants feel so good

So many individuals run from things that they do not understand! There is nothing wrong with wearing diapers!

Sad to think she waited all those years. It would have been better to humilate her if the doctor could have told her she could have saved you from all of this if she did not wait until you were seventeen. But I hope your family is treating you better now that they know it is not your fault. I can only hope so for you. But still sad sniff...

i'll be praying 4 u

thats cool I have a problem like that except it stunned my bodes maturity so I never look older than 9 or 10 11 at the most so I still fit in toddler diapers and in baby cribs my mom taught it wold make things easier if she just left me a baby but she had to put me in a school for kids that wear diapers so now I go to school in my diapers and the nurse has to change me I wear baby close and she even put me in a day care that has 3 to 4 year old in it yet I'm the only one in diapers and being treated like a baby.

i have to wear them too butmy problem makes my body younger