My Dd Marriage

I have been married for about 6yrs now. We have always practiced dd but for over a yr now we have been doing taken into hands. When i got with my husband i told him from the beginning that i need him to dominate me. I need this to know that he does care about me and only wants what best for me. Most of the time he knows what i need before i do. I also told him that my family crazy and for him not to allow me to much time around them. He didn't think things could be that bad and that people change. He did find out people change and not always for the good that's what started taken in to hands. we still have other punishments but spankings go along with them. we never intend to teach out children our lifestyle but they pick up fast. My son witch is 3 will tell people that i need to stay at home to take care of him my daughter and daddy that my job is to clean house. when my husband is at work he lets everyone that talks to me know daddy be back in alil bit. my son does do a lot that my husbands does including being protective over me and my daughter. But anyways, we have an open honest communication. we talk about everything. We do have a few friends that practice dd. I think that our marriage is stronger then most people who don't practice dd. But there again dd must be desired by both people. My husband has always dreamed of having a women that thinks and believes the way he does. We both are very thankful that we found each other.
tammyestrada tammyestrada
22-25, F
Dec 1, 2012