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My New Femskin

My new femskin III arrived today via usps and the mail lady required a signature, so she knocked on the door. Naturally the SO wanted to know why I had to sign and I responded it was a package for me. She immediately got this disgusted look on her face and tells me I should really quit ordering things. They just don't get it do they? Its not like I could quit, even if I wanted to. Who am I harming? I was so excited, and now I'm so bummed out.All I want to do is enjoy my time enfemm. She doesn't approve and gets angry when she knows I'm dressing under my clothes. (Which is almost everyday) If she only knew. I just don't know what to do anymore. Should I go to consoling?Has anyone on this site tried to "Quit" I don't want to quit.Isn't that part of the process? Don't you have to want to quit?
grdlgrl grdlgrl 61-65, M 26 Responses Mar 31, 2012

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I'm curious what you decided to do? I am agreeing with cdalicesub on the fact that maybe seeing a professional counselor to help both of you find a happy medium and compromise. I mean in marriage that what you do for the marriage. it's not all or nothing for you or her. The reality is if you and her can't compromise on most areas then it's doomed to fail.

Everything is just as it was. I still dress whenever I get the chance, She still thinks I'm disgusting.

Sorry to hear that! :(

Carry on crossdressing..theres nothing quite like it....don't quit

Crossdressing is one of the greatest pleasures in life, don't feel you need to quit. If your SO doesn't like it then do it in secret then it wont bother her.

Many men look at **** and keep that secret from their wives so there is no problem about keeping your crossdressing secret so it wont bother her and you can still enjoy the pleasures of wearing women's clothes.

I concur with what most all the others have said in response. Cross dressing is not something you can just quit. Rather there is something that is a part of you that yearns to express itself in this feminine way. Perhaps the discussion you need to have is with your SO and a professional counselor to aid both of you.

If it's a fetish it could be treated to go away or be controlled. Some are harmless, some are harmful. Some can be treated somewhat yet are easily back in control like losing weight for only a few months or years then giving up the fight and getting heavy again.

But if it's not a fetish... something else that is you and your self image, not a sexual stimulus, not just wanting to look like the object of your desire...

Welcome to the life of living as the Wrong gender.

Sex aside, pretty aside, all clothes and sex organs aside

I know I'm female. I can't quit but I've held my breath at times

Yes I have tried to quit but to no avail could not. I have to say I wish that I could afford the femmskin myself. Would love to see pictures of you in it if possible. Yours in femm. Hugs

Be true to yourself hon!

It's easy to quit but you get pulled right back in. You have to be yourself so why stop? Your sister is great!

would you explain femm skin III

The same exact thing happened to me . This idiot guy even said "my day would be a lot easier if people like you would stop ordering by mail ,**** half my truck is filled with boxes for you people"That's when my sister heard enough . Walked up ,grabbed my package,and slam the door in his face .Called the company ,gave all info on reciept chewed them out like I never heard.Demanded a case #and a written letter explaining how case was resolved .And how exactly he was reprimanded.About a week later a letter arrived about the case.1st pg.apology from all higher ups . 2nd pg.In order to keep his job ,he had to go to every person he delivered to that day and apologize He has to get counsiling on sexual harrassment(because sis made call)No driving trucks and must work in the warehouse...true story.....make that call !

I have been hiding and suppressing it all my life too, I have my own high heel collection. She knows, but does not encourage it.

No be who you are don't let anyone get you down its how we want to live.....iI'm proud of you enjoy your new look I wish I had the same skin it the one with the penis u be true to yourself I support you

i quite once it lasted about a month and cost a lot to replace my clothes

I just checked out femskin, I am going to save a little cash for that.

I have wanted a femskin for ever . How do you like it

is there anymore to this story?

Only your replies to my question

lol, lol ,lol ... how the heck did you ALL , get into my head ?!!? Were we all made from the same mold ? What , are all of you my brothers ?!?!? It's all true ! Something in you interests you and just keeps you coming back. Sure I get satisfaction / relief when I ********** , before or after or during my stages of dress- but hey I get satisfaction from ******* off in my man clothes or with out clothes and completely naked - but the femme feeling and thoughts of being serviced by another - taken and used and ****** like the women I have been with or as seen in movies etc..... I want that to feel what they feel - you know - when it's all good feelings / stuff.. - oh well penny thought.

Why Quit?....Who says you have to?....We are only here for a short time!

It burns my *** . change for no one. Be true to yor self !!!<br />
Pardon me for saying this so harshly.<br />
**** that stupid judgemental ****.<br />
I think she crossed ther mutha friggin line.<br />
The people who hate, will always find hate.<br />
YourBeyond herd mentaly.she is a brain washed primate. <br />
ShineOn!!!<br />
Embrase your truth....**** that *****.

Thank you for those words of encouragement, Will you add me to your friend list please? I could surly use a strong willed, strongly opinionated person such as yourself in my corner!

You could come dress up for me baby.

Honey, I understand your dilemma. You have a wife that I assume you love. You just want her acceptance. It's too easy to say, "**** em if they don't like it.". This is your wife. For me, it was a gradual process.....started with only painted toenails, and told her I was keeping the red polish because I liked it. She rolled her eyes, but as weeks went by..she adjusted and was used to it. Then came the thigh highs (which I just adore)....then the panties, and so on. I wear femme clothes in the house about 80% of the time today, but always get myself made up "pretty" before we make love. It's like Viagra. <br />
<br />
Try this (if you haven't already).....shave EVERYTHING in your pubic area. Up to you whether you want a patch above your ****. Take the razor underneath, and get your balls, loins, and ******* clean as a whistle. Might as well shave your butt cheeks while you're at it. Then, let your wife see it prior to *******. I believe she will love it. And you will be a raging tiger. Personally, it feels so much better for me, and my wife loves it too. <br />
<br />
Wish you luck, but communication with her and persistence will no doubt get you over the hump. And let her know your fetish is between you and her only.<br />
<br />
Love, Marcy

There's no quitting, at least not for long. I spent years in a cycle of "quitting" only to buy even more items the next time I gave in to the urge. It could take 6 months, 9 months or a year, but the desire always came back and it was stronger each time.<br />
<br />
The only solution I've found is being open and upfront about it at the beginning of a relationship, otherwise it is trouble down the road. I've had many of them end, due to my fetishes and desire to wear femme items. It's the main reason I was single until I was 43.<br />
<br />
The good news is I've had many wonderful experiences with women who not only accepted it, but encouraged and shared it the fun with me. The better news is I'm now married to a great loving and accepting woman who lets me wear whatever I want, and enjoys shopping sprees together and finding items that we each enjoy. She's even buys me things as a surprise or a special treat, just because she knows what I like.<br />
<br />
I like to think of it as a weeding out process, to me there was no point in spending months or years with someone who didn't accept me for who I am, kinks, fetishes and all.<br />
<br />
Best of luck to you.

What? Quit cross dressing, me? Never! I told my wife that I would quit when we married. She said "Like hell you will, I won't let you".

rndmn1960,<br />
You hit it right on the head. What will others think. And she feels that she is bordering on being gay if she is having sex with a man dressed as a woman.

To quote my wife "I married a man coz I wanted a man."

My ex said the same hurtful phrase after close to ten years.

If you wanted to "quit" you really would not need counseling to do that. But I still think you and you SO should go to counseling together. You might just find out after a few sessions that your SO will learn that cross dressing is much more common then most people think, and that it is a very deep desire that is simply a part of you. To me the point of counseling is for you each to meet at some point in between quitting and full time dressing that you can both accept. <br />
<br />
Also it is my opinion and experience that the biggest problem most women have with their "man" cross dressing is what other females/and family will think and say to them. They need to have confidence and answers. So a professional counselor may be able to help.

I don't think it ever goes away. I put on my first skirt at a fancy dress party in 1973 and have been doing it ever since, although with a few variatons, and I see no harm in it at all