I Have Assembled My Army!

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7 Responses Feb 12, 2010

hah! now i have seen your army and know how to defeat all of you in one swift move... scared?

Ahahah awesome :) at least in this you have a sense of humour :) <br />
I got a wolf I'm sure I could recruit :P <br />
Bisou- kiss of death ;)

I have been commanded to speak. My cats (shh they don't like when I say they are "mine") have decided to offer their services to the cause. Pixie has her ear nibble of death and Satan has her Kitten claws of doom. Both have authorized me to type their wish to aid in this most noble of causes. They would have taken over my computer, but with the pesky lack of thumbs they just typed huhejakg fjifj djfghrg <br />
Whish to my best understanding means "down with dogs" that or "bring us treats"


Thank you Fearless Leader CGK....we have created a story to show you our skillzzzz. We hope you are not disappointed.

I swear my allegiance to the one who let's me join ~ I only have an army of 3 but we are pretty fierce ninja cats! Check my little gang out and let us join??

ROFLMAO ~ You guys are too funny! I think maybe I should keep an eye on you!!