I Wanna Be A Gansta Too!!

We are little but we are fierce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can we join?????????????

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6 Responses Feb 12, 2010

OOPS! I eatz dem all and gotz verrry loopy.....(looks sad and slinkz away). <br />
Btw, I LOVE the avatar!!!!

LOL Hi Bella, hey I need a break from this crazy world now and then! Whew.....those pills are dangerous!!! You and the trooper need not worry, you are two humanz I happen to like :) I won't report you to our Fearless Leader, CGK. You are ALWAYZ kind to animalz!! Love you guys :)

Oh my lord!! You were right trooper, she should NEVER be allowed on ep after taking those muscle relaxers LMAO! Girl, you are too silly!!!!

Hahaha, but you love me :)

Oh my lord! You are too much ;')

I swear, just humans noooooo dogs :)