We Has Skillz.....

We are excited and ready to show you we are worthy CGK!

Let us show you our skillz oh Fearless Leader.......



No matter the size of our opponent we have no fear!


We have the element of surprise!!


We are good at disguises....those silly dogs with NEVER figure this out!!


We are hypnotic, hehehe!!


We ain't afraid of NOTHIN' and NOBODY!!!  (except you, Oh Great One)


The next generation is preparing MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

WE JUST HAVE ONE DRAWBACK......it is quite a problem ;(


I'm working on it, I swear!!!!!!!!!!!


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21 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Thankz Fearless Leader, we iz ready when you are....we been trained and practized in the fine art of tracking the bad humanz ;)

*salutes* We have settled hiz hash for him and ripped him a new one!! He'z been blocked!!! Seldom do we Ninjaz speak to such humanz but I decided we should leave him a note telling him to try giving the human female a kiss and an apology for hanging out on the w.w.w. trying to pick up unsuspecting catz for a good time......then we told him to STUFF IT! It is doubtful it will work....most male humanz are idiotz who let the wrong "head" think LOL!

ewwww Creepy. I'll claw....umm.... bite.....errr..... bash...... damn rodent lack of weaponry. "NINJA Cat attack!!!!!! "

OMG Cheeky, I've seen those peeple and they are scary!! One of them wuz in hiz basement sitting in chocolate pudding when he pretended to be my fan!!! ewwwwwwww!!!! (taking out paper and pencil and making notes) ..... white vanz, explizit avatarz, crankie peeple, hmmm.....(smells the air) I think I smell duct tape now! Yes, there iz one of thoze humans leaving me a message now.....(runz off to check perzonal mailz)<br />
For crying out loud! Don't thoze crazy humanz ever take a day off???? Thiz one claimz he needz dizcreet relationshipz cuz the human wife duzn't understand him.....Geezzz, they just don't give up, do they!!!

all right troops.. Giggles.....Giggles.... *scurrys over and snaggs away sparkly yarn* ok...... Troops... we begin with an analysis of the Evil Human... Note the shifty eyes, Hairy palms, Indented finger tips, Bad comb over or bad dye Job. The tale tale Explicit Avatar, demeaning fetish Groups, and unwanted solicitations These are but a few signs of the evil human. Note they often have crankie dispositions this is most likely from spending too much time alone in basements. Be especially weary of those humans driving white vans and smelling of duct tape.

OMG you guys are too funny! And those cat pics are a riot. Love the comments you put under each one......I thought you were resting and here you are playing Ninja Cat LOL. I love it!

Hey, how do you know there is no such thing as a ninja guinea pig?? It could happen, you silly human!! You better watch your hide!! Making remarks about my deficits is bad hahaha, I can hang from the ceiling and it won't be a pretty site when I get done with you!!!! hehehe

OMG I can't believe you got Miss Cheeky in on this! Well, at least she is in charge of you because I can attest to the fact you have a real attention deficit when it comes to shiny things! haha, How can you be a good ninja cat if you are busy playing with "sparkly yarn" ?? You two are funny!!

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I knew you would straighten us out and get us in line! Now, we must learn to identify abusive humans ...... we await our training :)

as all the cats in the room are now aware Cheeky is a rodent just as they go to pounce , she Points to a shinnie birdie covered in Sparkle yarn and smelling suspiciously of Catnip.... "Attack!!!" <br />
Phase one is complete.. Reflex training and target identification under way!

Aaww, I would never do that! I prefer birdies....yes, shiney birdies mwahahaha and evil humans :)

Fortunately for you rodents are not AS distracted to the shinnie... Please don't eat me!!!!!

Cheeky, I knew you would come through for us. I was distracted playing with my shiney ob<x>jects....what's that? Sparkly Yarn?? OMG !! (I'll be right back...)

I think that is my favorite too! I often wish I could do that......my ex wouldn't have any hide left on him if I could!!!

SWEET I will begin formulating a plan right now *scurry's off laughing manically*

Cheeky, I would let you join my ninjas hahaha you can be the brains of the outfit!!


Aaww, Nice to meet a fellow addict :) Some of those pictures just crack me up!

Okay, I accept the fact that I am a LOL Cats addict. I can't help but crack up with some of these pics. And the comments are great!

Hehehe, yep, I think I was having a little too much fun! You're right, Katje, that little kitten does look like your new baby! ((hugs))

Oops! Sorry, old habits die hard. lol Humans it is allfordogs75.....you have my allegiance.<br />
<br />
Thanks WSG :)