One Man Band

well it's not really much of a story, you see i've been doing the same thing for years, whenever i show up, everybody leaves, where-ever i go things that were going well soon fall apart, and in a large room full of people i am still all by myself, now don't get me wrong, being a watcher has its bennefits too, and most times i think i am better off just observing, but just once in awhile it would be nice to to be aknowledged and accepted and to have some of the fun, just every now and then, but hell i've been scaring people off for years and thats without ever saying a word, so i don't really think there is anybody just like me, so if i end up being the only one in this group i really won't be surprised, but if someone joins the group they may be suprised to find out that i really am not that different, or am i.
MrKnome MrKnome
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1 Response Feb 21, 2007

Lol, online talk is much better. Maybe you are just around the wrong crowd. Find people with your interests and try talking to them. I the person that has the same interest as you is the same like the others, find someone else with the same or an different interest as you.