Nothing Like It

I spend a fair amount of time dancing around the house in my boxers, it's a great way to release energy.  I put on some Milli Vanilli and just start bumping and grinding.   I don't close my shades so I get some funny looks from the neighbors sometimes but I think it's most important to just work it out in a groove and worry about the neighbors later.  Oh yeah!!!
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23 Responses Jul 9, 2007

meggs- yeah, but it's fun to be least i don't have to carry none in my pants. and hey i have some squirrels getting frisky and they inspired me.<br />
Love the shiny silver idea. We'll have him looking like a ******** in no time. LOL

what Meggers said HAHA

ok. any preferable color or style???

ROFLMAO....naw you'd have to bring one for me...I've never worn one much less owned one. I'm a g-string virgin LOL

ok. well anyways it's all comin' from Victoria's Secret. so would you trust me to pick out your g-string or do you already have one?

It all depends on personal taste...I'll be going with a g-string thank you but everyone can choose their own look LOL

LOL ok. it's a done deal. now my only question is boyshorts, hipsters, boxers, thongs, g-strings, v-strings, highcut, lowcut, bikini?

Yeah that sounds awesome! Just make sure you invite ten of your cutest friends :-)

or better yet we could dance in our underwear together to your Milli Vanilli. or we could get a big party goin'. everyone underwear and t-shirts only. hehe. that would be a riot. or maybe just some plain good fun. gotta admit though, that'd be pretty interesting.

hehe. you're too cute. yeah, that'd be funny!! oh gosh.

haha, I wish I was your neighbor too...we could peep on each other :-)

HAHA. that's too funny, but i do the same. only my underwear are more sexy. LOL<br />
now that so makes me wish i was your neighbor. kinda freaky, but hey i could get a show without paying for cable t.v. hehe

The New Kids were actually the first music I ever purchased. I was 12 years old and I bought the tape that had "Hangin' Tough" on it. Awesome!!! Oh you'll get a show if you ever come through town LOL

the neighbor part was funny.....and at least your not danicng to 'new kids on the block'! So when do we get to see the show? :)

lol!<br />
<br />

Hey now, I thought I was the only one who still listened to Milli Vanilli....<br />
Honestly, i don't care who sang the songs, they were great. I feel like you, a little undywear dance is good for the soul.

Nothing wrong with a little kinky :-) <br />
<br />
P.S. - I really don't dance around in my underwear much and I don't listen to Milli Vanilli either

you being a music enthusiast and all i did not want to tell you what a poor choice MV was and that there were indeed other musical talents, bearing much more talent mind you, for your listening, groove getting pleasures. err hem ... that kinda sounded kinky. lol

Ahhhhh, I've got to get some new blinds. All these onlookers and I'm just trin' to get my groove on. I'm surprised nobody commented on the fact that I said I was dancing to Milli Vanilli....what's wrong with ya'll? LOL

a lil risky bidness eh? hehe ... no worries i do the same - boxers too. love those soft, cotton, stretchy, men's boxers and a baby T ... nothing like it in the world especially on a sat morning ... memories, beautiful memories. btw ... i got a picture of the gold, spangled thong. i think the tall law officer had a lil sumfin sumfin for ya! ;-) heheheeeeeee

A little Funky Cold Medina should work that out... LOL... I can soooo picture you dancing around, too funny!

You saw that too!! OMG, the neighbors called the cops on me!! It was worth it though.

I saw that gold spangled g-string you had on the other night! And you were flopping your hands to the YMCA! Meyoooow! Don't Stop! Get It! Get It! Yummy YOU! ;P