Comfy Dancing

I love to dance! I figured one day, why not dance in my underwear? Its no different than on stage: tights, leotard, NO underwear... There isn't much to tights and a leotard... although... there is a skirt or pants or something with it.... either way, its not much. And the point is that its comfortable, to me, to just dance in my panties! And I sometimes sleep in a bra and boxers.. so thats fun to dance in. It reminds me of "The Rules of Attraction" when the girl has on boxers, a bra, and is dancing down the hallway with a bottle of booze in each hand. Except.. I'm in my room... minus the booze... plus a Mountain Dew... and some music from "Striptease"... =]
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2007

I have done this.

Your obsessed with mountain dew...I think it got banned in England cos it was found to raise estrogen that would probably explain a lot with relation to you...