yes, dancing is amazing. You know the old saying "dance like nobody's watching"? Well that's because dancing is inherently a little bit embarrassing for a lot of people and SO much more fun if you can let loose. What better way to cut loose than in your BVDs?! I just moved into a new apartment, have almost no furniture, and have the place to myself for another couple of weeks until my roommate gets here. Guess what I need to be doing more of? yup, you got it.

ps dancing in your skivvies is good exercise too!

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I've only had two roommates in my lifetime - both short lived. However, I did NOT allow this to stop me from gettin' my groove on in my fruit of a looms each nite after work! <br />
<br />
Rock those BVD's!

i wholeheartedly agree. there is nothing better than having the whole house, apartment, or hotel room to yourself, ready to dance in!