Why Not?!

It's fun. Just make sure you don't do it in front of an open window or the neighbors will get an eyeful. You live, you learn, then you shut your blinds or close the curtains before you s t r i p down to nothing but a tank top and undies. And just for the hell of it sometimes my bf and i dance in our underwear together. It's even funner when the music is romantic. It'll make you feel so sexy and if you just took a shower and smell like mango mandrin...
I sorta like to dance in them right after a shower, but completely naked sometimes too cuz' ya gotta dry off first. Okay this is starting to be too much information. LOL

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11 Responses Oct 11, 2007

Mango Mandarin!! ... is the best ever. :D

Why else would they make such nice undies,..its a hassle not being able to go shopping in undies,just in case the music is good,..it would help reduce shoplifting.


haha...youll think that when i have two black eyes....HA

lexus...stuff bounces too much? well let it bounce. we should have an underwear dance party. woohoo!! hehe.

aww geez...way too self concious for that one...stuff bounces too much...hahaha<br />
<br />
sounds fun though

That was a Risky Business reference...

disco. hehe. it'd be cool if the room could turn technicolor too!

I only do it when I listen to Bob Seger.

ahaha. yeah, that's what it feels like too!

You know, given how much of an ex<x>pression of freedom and release dancing in ones underwear seems to be for everyone, dancing with your boyfriend in your underwear sounds like one of The Lost Arts of True Romance or something... :)