I Dance When Im In A Good Mood

 I love to dance, I love to go listen to live music.  

Dancing gets me in a good mood, love it and I have a great

Dance partner but he's in El Paso right now, he said it was like 60

degrees and it's about 0 degrees here I think and we have

8 inches of snow I called him to wish him Merry Christmas

I love him, he's very special to me.

kctiger kctiger
46-50, F
1 Response Dec 25, 2009

Yes, I love to dance, Herman got back from El Paso, Tim and I got dressed up last Friday night and went to the American Legion here in St. Joseph Mo. and Herman was there, I hadn't been there for along time and Tim has never been there and so I didn't know but a few people there and I walked in and went right over to Herman and gave him a big Hug and kiss and everyone was looking at us, Probably wondering who I was. And Herman and I went right up to dance and everyone was looking at us and then a bunch of others went out on the floor. We danced several in a row and then I got to dance with Tim once, he doesn't like to dance as much as I and Herman do. Herman is several years older than I but I have a hard time keeping up with him, he is very energetic, He has a set of 28 yr old twins, and both his wives pasted away. Tim doesn't get to jealous of Herman but other men do when he dances with their wives.