Little Sister Trouble

When my little sister was about four we decided to expand my house by doing construction on it. i was about eleven at the time and my mother asked me to do in the large dumpster in my front yard filled with wood and nails from the construction to get fire wood for a fire. My friend and I go in with flip flops and crocs on our feet. We threw pieces of wood over the side of the dumpster and my sister would keep walking there and we didn't want her to get hurt so I told her to stay away.  She got very angry and used all her strength to push the door shut of the dumpster and locked it. Now the dumpster had no top to it but it was hard to climb over the edge. Finally I was able to reach the ladder and climbed down but my friend was still inside. I called my mom outside to come help us unlock is and after 10 minutes it finally opened. All my mother said was, "Who wants a snack?"
ShinningMoon ShinningMoon
18-21, F
May 23, 2012