My Shoes Are Too Big

Im a size 4-5. If I buy a 4 they're too tight until I wear them in, so normally get a 5 and pray that they dont get too big too soon. My favourite red shoes that I used to wear to school are tooooooo big now. No longer can I tower over the kids in 4 inch red heels without them flipping as I walk. 



The shame of it, I guess I just have to buy another pair of shoes

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5 Responses Nov 7, 2008

I love a woman that wears heels and 2 see them flop off there foot as they walk is so sexy. I'm addicted 2 womens feet so i love that.

Have to buy new shoes? Oh you poor, poor baby! (Can I come with you????)

The same thing happens to me, I'm like between the between sizes, too big or too small they never seem to actually fit. Grr. :)

gets velcrow for your shous that would work

gets velcrow for your shous that would work