Where was the best sex you ever had
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Many years ago. With my girlfriend's little sister. In the laundry room,, her whole family was in the next room.. She spent the rest of the afternoon with my *** dripping out of her,, so hot,,

Tmi and that's mean

in my kitchen. cooking and f...g haha

In my moms bed XD my girlfriend insisted, she thought it was kinky

On a baseball field. Well it wasnt the best sex but it was my fav place :)

My bestsex?... In a car
My turn:- u prefer giving a ******* or receive ***********?


Greedy ... Choose one .... Yr preference

Idk what *********** is

**** lick

Oh well then vag lick lol

Have u been licked?

Uh no **** Sherlock lol

I was gonna offer to lick u u online

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My living room floor...

Iv did that before lol

So where is it?

Me well in a lake lol funnest ever but I also liked doing it on the bathroom sink of my current but ex nows parents house lol

Very nice.


Ik it is same to i


Jeez I'm so tired I make no sense right now anyway ya it was and I'm pretty sure urs is nice to.

You should get some rest, because I have not told you mine yet. :D

I probably should hahaha. But sleep is for the weak lol

True, but being weak is better than being dead. LOL

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in my head, online, with one of the most incredible people I know

There ya go