South Beach Flash

My wife loves to do this at least once per year while we are on vacation.Last month was the funnest when we went to south beach in Miami.My wife called the pizza order and asked if they had any young pizza drivers that they could send.The 3rd pizza place actuall said they had a 20 year old and she said perfect.I let my wife answer the door in just a thong my wife has 34C ****.She told the driver that she didn't have a tip but that he could suck her **** which he did.I then came out of the bathroom and that starlted the pizza guy.I said go right a head I really just want to watch.My wife then asked me if she could suck his **** she has never done that before,so I was kind of shocked but aroused at the same time.I said no I really dont want you to go that far but the guy already started to pull of his pants and my wife is taking his underwear off.She then asked can I at least jerk him off because I did cause his massive hard on,so I said go ahead.

She starts to jerk him off but he starts to beg her to suck his ****.I said we will compromise you can lick the sides but I dont want him to *** in your mouth.So she starts to lick the sides of his **** and grab his balls at the same time.He starts to moan and say please please let me put in your mouth so my wife got close to the tip of his **** with her mouth and started to tongue the tip of his **** he then pulled her head on to his **** and instantly shot his load into her mouth.She said I just couldn't resist I am so sorry I didn't mean to take his load in my mouth.The pizza guy then wiped his self up and thanked us both and left.

We then both had great sex while my wife did a play by play remembering the 20 minutes she played with his ****.We didnt even ask his name.

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Cool, maybe it's time to look at a different career for myself ;-)

What a lucky kid!

Great story, want to get my wife to do the same :)

we do something similar with our regular pizza guy. She {accidentally) flashed most of the pizza guys but had a fun time with one older pizza guy. It made her laugh at how happy he'd get. She ended up letting him look and touch and gave him a hand job. She have done it like 6 times since then with the same little old guy.