Every Day!


In many ways but not the way i really want and need.

i act the woman i am all the time.

In how i sit, walk, talk, think, feel, dream, and desire.

It's out there for all to see. When and if they look.

Course the majority of folks say nothing. The comments i do get are sarcastic stereotyping ...

but i don't mind. It's small and it's directed at me.

i can let it go ... seems the speaker can't.

If it was directed at someone else i'd say something ... i'd get very b*tchy at that individual.

i'm shy, coquettish maybe and blush a lot ... but none the less me.

But i do it all except dress in the skirts and blouse and heels i want.

The clothes that are specific to my gender are not fully part of my life.

i do dare to be myself ... but hesitate to go fully out there.

Maybe i'm hiding ...

It's fine for now ...

but one day i'll be strutting a different story!


Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
1 Response Feb 13, 2009

good for you, josie! sometimes we all have a hard time showing our true selves to the world, and there's always going to be narrow-minded people out there who judge every one of us and/or don't like us for that. what matters is that you know who you are and are true to that person. hold your head up, girl, and be proud, because you're truly something special! ;)