I Want To Eat Sushi Off Your ***** In A Japanese Restaurant

We regularly go to a Japanese restaurant here, but one day we were shown to a little semi private room.

Once in there, we looked around the little room; it was one of those cubicles made of frosted glass panels in a wooden frame, with a sliding door. The seating was typically Japanese, in that you had to leave your shoes outside, and inside the seats were just cushions with a little dugout area for your feet. Next to the table, just inside the door, was an area where the serving girls would come in and work. We looked at each other and I said to Belle 'I dare you take your panties off and let me eat sushi off your *****'

'Ok', she said, and she promptly lifted her skirt and pulled off her panties, which she then tucked into my shirt pocket. We always carry a compact camera with us, for just this sort of occasion, so I blew some shots off of her, including one while she was still wearing the panties.

Eventually the food came, with Belle sitting such that I could see her *****, but not the serving girls. Once they had dropped the food off, Belle set herself down in the serving area, and picked up a California Roll and placed it right on her ***** on top of her clitoris. I picked up a pair of chopsticks, and started to reach out.

'No', she said, pushing the chopsticks away, 'there is only one way to eat this sushi...' and she smiled and opened her legs a little.

I was hungry, so I bent forward and ran my tongue up her inner thigh, up between her ***** lips and then grabbed the sushi with my lips. I put the sushi inside my mouth then made sure I licked Belle clean.

Finally managed to put a picture in here so you guys can see it - hope you enjoy it!
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10 Responses Jan 12, 2012

WOW !!! I hope one day if i ever get married my wife will be as sexy and as open as you are !!! thanks you give guys like me hope ;-)

Very hot photos. I could only wish my wife would do something as hot as that.

Naughty! ;)

would love to see the pics...please add me...

love the story. would love to see more pics. add me please?

not a huge fan of sushi, however....



what an experience! Belle is so sexy!

What a fabulous and delectable experience!