Lost At ***** Scrabble, Now I Have To Post Pics Here!

My friend and I, some of you know her (IPreferFantasy), love to gamble with our dignity. We love playing our little online games.  Even more, we love the thrill of making the other person humiliate themselves when they lose.  Well she must be loving this, because I lost at ***** scrabble (words with friends actually) and now I have to post a photo sequence of me getting my *** kicked by her.  Those not up for male nudity, turn back now.  Here is me in the gradual stages of my undress and shame:

The first stripping is just pants down.  Oh my stars!
The next is pants and undies down, she knows I find it more humiliating to have pants and undies down than off.
And then she hit a triple word score that blew the rest of my clothes off in an explosion of humiliation and letter tiles.  I am defeated.

Fear not, sweet reader, I shall repay her in kind and then we can both laugh at her nudie pics. Prepare thyself, IPF!
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So hot.


Ha ha. You look so pathetic.