Hi Guys....and Girls....i Love To Be Made To Tell My Most Intimate Secrets :d

I'm pretty new here and I'm just getting like things figured out. I love having a place here where I can talk about all the things I've done.....i love to kiss and tell....lol.....without having to worry about like people judging....like having anonymity...
You can ask me anything you like....anything at all...i promise I wont get offended or stuff...
i love the feeling of having to tell...having to answer whatever i'm asked....just that feeling of having to do it no matter what :D
...kinda like truth or dare....and kinda kinky...i love being submissive like during sex...and so this is kind of a similar feeling....
anyway...i'm blabbering...lol
ask away....cant wait to see what you'll make me tell ;D
hoochiegrl42 hoochiegrl42
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Another thing how many guy you **** including the whole years

Hey sexy lady I got a question can I screw you and eat you

Do you have the guy wear a condom or do you prefer bareback?

i wanna pee all over you and then lick every drop of it from your sexy wet body
would you maybe like it ?

Do you initiate the kind of hookup your looking for? Or does it just happen?

what is your bra size- do you have large nipples?

have you ever experienced multiple nip*le org-asms

how old were u when u started ************?

Do you let guys look up your skirt?

if they tell me to let them...lol.....and maybe if i'm wearing a really short one and i want to tease or get attention....lol...then also yes ;)

Do you wear underwear under a short skirt?

have you every flashed someone


Do you get horny on your period? Do you ********** and have sex during your period??


Have you ever cheated with any of your boyfriends friends? Do you want to **** any of his friends?

my current bf (we've like been together for around 18 months)...i've cheated on him with 2 of his friends....seperately...lol

You are sexy as hell!

thnx...y does that make me sexy?

Because your Beautiful with an Amazing body!

Also the way you love sex is such a turn on! Knowing you like cheating is a turn on too!


i love the kind of sex cheating almost always ends up as...:D

And that is exactly what makes you such a turn on! You would be such a hot girl to date...........Boyfriend should exploit that and enjoy sharing & watching your sexy ***!

he would never agree to that....much too big of an ego...lol....he would like kill me if he ever found out i think....i could never even like talk him into a 3some....i had to do those cheating on him too....lol

Lol! To watch you being totally fulfilled would be so hot......he is missing out! Having you and getting you sexually wild and open.........best of both worlds

u mean u would like enjoy watching me get ****** by like 2 or 3 guys?

Yea........watching you in ecstasy. .......such a turn on! Then I would **** you so good! And as sexy as you are......god, you would look so good getting ******! Turns me on

Does it turn you on thinking about your boyfriend watching you

not really....lol
i prefer he doesnt know whats going on

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What percentage of the times you are ****** by some guy are you really satisfied by him?

like physically it doesnt really happen that often...u know like having an ****** and stuff.....but i still love it and it feel really good and mostly i get off on mental stuff like

Have you ever fantasised about sex with another girl? What was your fantasy and did you ever do anything about it? :)

Do you like guys to *** on your face?

i like it when guys tell me that they are going to...when they dont ask me but TELL me....then i pretty much love it whereever they ***...but face is especially hot

I really like to *** on a girl's face, i don't know exactly why, it's something like a fetish i think.

i think so too...alotta guys like it,,,,trust me i know....lol

Do you smoke?


How many do you smoke a day?

like maybe three packs in two days

Least amount of time you have known a guy before ******* him?

like 3 hours or something like that

When you cheat on your bf's do you **** the other guys bareback? Do your bf's ever find out?

sometimes bareback...sometimes with rubbers.....i had a bf find out twice

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

Do you walk around the house nude? Have you ever answered the door nude?

not really...and no never...sorry :(

Hi hoochie! I'd like you tell us about your very first ******. x

i was with a friend....we were 15...and we were watching a ****....she was female...lol...and we didnt like really do anything to each other....just kissed and watched each other i guess...i made myself ***...lol

Did you enjoy getting pissed on?

not the first few times it happened

And after the first few times? Did you start to like it - or not actually try it any more?

When ya gonna post some more pics??

Do you like guys to *** on your face?

Have you gone out in public with out a bra and/or panties on before?


U ever considered having sex chat wtih an Irish guy, interested lol

How many guys have you ******?

53...not counting like only petting or only oral.....too much?


Not enough for a man like me. I let my wife do as she pleases and whenever it makes her happy

Do you like it when a guy shoots his *** all over your face?

i love seeing it *** :D

Ever had a guy dominate you then **** on your freshly ****** sexy little gash to mark his territory?

omigod....lol....no never been pissed on...lol

Don't knock it till u try it. I'm ready when you are... Lmao :-)

It seems like I am always horny and I wish I could maturbate all the time. But, being a guy, it's just not that easy. It's hard to get my **** out while I drive, and I CERTAINLY can't do that in my office (while others are here); then, there's the mess when I ***. I think it would be GREAT to ********** whenever and wherever I want. So, finally the question, do you ********** in public, driving, at work? Do other women?

You seem like fun. How do you feel about being called dirty names during sex?

i def love it...such a turn on....like especially when i'm giving a guy head..or when he's behind me....wow :D

Do you enjoy being held down or pin down while being taking and used hard?

i love being held down..totally...i love having my arms like pulled back and pinned to my back when i'm on my hands and knees...lol....getting kinda excited thinking about it

I love a woman that enjoys that and makes me excited picturing it in my mind

I agree. I love the anonymity of this site, and yet still be able to interact "personall" with people. I gotta say that if I ran into you at the beach wearing that bikini, I'd have real trouble keeping my eyes off of you! You're awfully beautiful.

Feel free to add me and check out my pictures. See if there's anything there you loke....

:D thnx...ill take that as a compliment :P

What is your darkest fantasy?

that;s pretty openended....lol
i guess i would have to say....uhm....well i totally have a daddy fantasy...like a thing for older guys.....and i love being dominated...i totally have a submisive side...like i love being told to do things and i def like it a little rough :D

Well, I can be your daddy and tell you what to do. Take some pictures of yourself and post them in your profile for all your friends to see.

Dom and sub is definitely very sexy. whens the last time you have acted that one out?

Hi Hoochie girl! Have you ever been caught having sex or ************?

i got caught ************ in my room more than once...lol
and when i was younger i got caught by a councilor at camp while i was having sex....wow...i havent thought about that in a long time...lol

How old we're you when you were caught having sex?

What is favorite submissive sexual position? Do you like sexual spankings?

i do like being spanked :D....i love being bend over a bed or table or couch...with my arms pulled back against my back....and i love laying on my back in the bed or couch...with my head hanging just over the edge...so that he can **** my mouth

Do you enjoy using handcuffs?

omigod yes...i looove handcuffs

well....like i guess we all have our limits....like i dont want to do anything that would like make me bleed or break my skin....i dont want like really bad pain

do you have any limits?