Ask me anything....... Should I be scared? :P
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I can't ask it in public :P PM me? x

If you're suicidal and someone threatens to kill you, is it really a threat?

If you had to leave home, and keep one thing.. What would you take and why?

I would take...... That's a hard one...... I think I would probably take a pack of pudding cups. Because I really love pudding cups.

Ha cute :)

Are you beautiful?


Why do you say that your beautiful

What is ur plans in life?

Become a car mechanic and have three dogs

ok so i have taken you out we hang out all the time i have done more than any friend should but your still hung up on another guy you have feelings for me so i tell you that i am removing my self so you can fully explore your chances with said guy. we are still friends but just not hanging out every day would you be upset or be mad at me ?

I would be sad


Potato cake?


Potato cake for everyone \("o")/

R u virgin?


How amazing is ice cream?

In personally not a fan

How are you not a fan of ice cream?!

I thought we were asking you questions. Are you just asking us questions to deflect the questions that should be coming your way?

Ummmmmmm i dont know?

what color was your last poop?

How many fingers am I holding up?


Oh... you are psychic! Whats my favorite color?

Uhhh blue? Or green.

How are you doing that? Are you cheating? Don't call me Doctor Venkman... just call me Peter.

I dont know. And okay

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is your hair dyed


What is life :v

I dont know. A hell hole.


Have you ever been pantsed?



XD that sucks!

Yup, it does.

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You should be very scared my friend mwahahahahah


Lol uh nothing much

I warned you it was scary.

Lol totally scary



But we both know your not scared are you?

I dont know... I live with my brother and his three friends. I know what guys can be like and I know what girls can be like too...

I grew up with 2 little brothers...
and we all chased the cute girls...

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