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If I ask you something on your post will you ask something on my post? lol

Bunch of random questions.
What''s your favorite type of chocolate and why?
Why are you still a virgin? Choice, situation and circumstance?
Do you wear dresses much?
Inny or outty?
If you could one have one thing to take with you on a trip to another planet what would it be? Things with multiple parts are fine but not bags or boxes with stuff?
2 parter: Have you ever driven a stick 1. without innuendo? and 2. with innuendo?
What color is your hair now, if it's not your natural color what color is that?

- Plain Chocolate. I simply like it more than other types.
- It's a choice. I've dated many guys, but none of them was so "special" I would have had sex with.
- Nooo don't like them. I prefer jeans and t-shirts.
- I'm pretty outty with my friends.
- An oxygen tank.
- Uhhh. If you are talking 'bout a car: yes. If you are talking about like, LOL, a "man stick", as I previously said I'm still a virgin.
- Dark blond, and yes, it's my natural color.

No Belly button inny or outty?
Driving a stick with innuendo doesn't have to mean intercourse.
O2 is a given try again.

Oooohhh sorry ahahahahahah
- Inny.
- Nah I didn't.
- I think it'd be a copybook and a pencil, but since I can only bring one object it'd be my ebook reader.

sketchbook and pencil? I think that could be counted as one object.
I was more interested in about the car but this being EP I had to ask the other as well. Why did you learn to drive a stick shift? Who taught you?

I'm italian; in Italy almost all cars (except "special" ones) are not automatic and use manual transmission (with 5 speeds).
They teach you when you do driving school, you do not have to learn yourself.

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Fave color
Fave food
Fave pokemon

Fave food is cheeseburger and fave Pokémon is Charizard. But I have a thing for Feraligatr and Aegislash too.

I love charizard but I also love Delphox

Delphox's cute but as 6th gen starter I prefer Greninja. So cool.

I train mainly fire pokemon

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Do you like erotica? :3

Yep I enjoy erotic books (sometimes if well written lol) or erotic images/videos.

Could I send you one of mine for comments?

If they're photos of your penis, no thanks.
If they're not go ahead~

Ugh, that's disgusting!

I'll send you one via messaged, or do you want me to write it here?

U can message me~

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virgin? If not, what has been you most fun sexual experience? If, so,,,,what is your sexual fantasy?

Yup still a virgin

so what is your sexual fantasy?

Simply having sex, for now, LOL.

Are you hairy down there?

Like anyone who reached puberty, I think? Lol

Well, some women remove that hair. Which, is super sad.