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Do you believe in Jesus, the Son of God?

Of course I live to worship his glory. I'm catholic

you like a guy and you have a really close guy friend that you hang out with you know he has feelings for you so one night he says he is going to remove himself from seeing you cause your serious about this other guy should you be mad at your guy friend?

No I wouldn't be mad. I'd have to think about what's more important a relationship with some guy I like or a close friend. And I would chose the friend because I know they'll be there more and they know me better than anyone.

ok thank you i hope it turns out like that

What historical figure would you bang and why?

Ummm lol idk... Does David beckham count as a historical figure? lol

Haha, I guess so or at least he will be in the future.

You know what I am feeling brave haha. Ask me any question you want.

Lol message me and I'll ask

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If you could eat any mythological creature what would it be and why?

I Pegasus because if I could make me grow wings and fly I would so do it

There are myths of mermaid flesh granting immortality. Hydra is an infinite food source.

Do you enjoy reading hardcore erotica :3

Lol no I don't really read it much

Lol XD