Ask me dirty questions. I love them. I want to answer them. like now.
readyfortheworld readyfortheworld
26-30, F
12 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Where do you like a guy to come?

Have you ever had 2 penis's in one hole

no not yet

how about a finger in your ***

oh yeah

you like your ***** eaten?

oh my god yes

do u have sexy feet?

i have no idea

How big are you ****

uumm im a girl...

Your breasts

do you like guys with small dicks ?

depends on the rest of the guy with the small ****.

Would you enjoy having me look at your ***** with a magnifying glass and bright flashlight?

if that's what you're into ;)





What is something you want to try. Sexual or non

hooking up with a girl

Ever trade pics

not really

Would u ever try it

maybe idk

Wanna chat in PM

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