Sitting with friends but bored. Ask away!
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which of the friends you are sitting with , do you fancy the most m/f either.......?................x

I went home lol

Which one of your friends that you are with right now would you take a shower together with ?


Is she pretty ? Nice body ?

Yes she's pretty? I'm not into girls but some would say yes. Her husband sure loves it.

Which one of your friends that are with you would you kiss deeply ?

No fair there's only 2 other people here. Her and her hubby lol

You said ask away so which one would you kiss deeply and passionately ? Jenn or her hubby ?

Her cuz I won't mess with her hubby. lol

Your ok. You said ask away and you didn't dodge the questions. I respect that. Your a good woman....a


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Where are you sitting ?

On a chair at the kitchen table

Pancakes vs Waffles?

Waffles, they hold the syrup

Would you rather live without the internet or be lonely for the rest of your life? Pretty tough, huh? Hahaa.

That's not hard at all. Live without the internet.

What historical figure would you bang and why?

There's nothing sexy about an old dead dude but if I have to choose.....Benjamin Franklin. He was an inventor and hopefully would be inventive in bed.

Haha, believe it or not Ben Franklin was supposed to be a real freak in bed. I am not joking either. He owned a bunch of brothels.

I don't want to be a hooker but I like the rest. Lol

Can you explain quantum mechanics to me 😏

Lmao but but id rather you explained it in your own words xD

Sorry I'm not that smart. Lol

Lmao its ok neither am i! haha what are you and your friends doing?

Shouldn't friends fight borem?

We all have our phone out. My best friend is chatting with several people online. Her hubby is playing a game on his. I was sitting here. Lol

Exciting friendshipπŸ˜‚πŸ‘ Maybe you and your friends might try going to a bar or the movies ? Much more entertaining xD

I went to the bar last night. Usually we have more fun. We usually laugh like crazy. Not sure what the issue is tonight.

I have a suggestion

Ok so keep in mind i have adhd so im a bit random but.....

Stand up and screa. im preggo and the father is a banana!!!

That got a laugh lol

Glad i could help πŸ‘‹πŸ˜


Now tell them to start talking or ur gonna have to choke a bish

Her 2 year old just said turn off the puter and make my samich

Lmfao thats adorable!!!!!

It was! Little kids are adorable.

Totally makes me super excited for 5 days from now!!!!


Im going to panama city fl to see my sister and little nephew devon hes 8 months old 😱😱😱 i havnt seen him since he was a month old

I thought maybe you were going to be a daddy soon

No i want to be but i havnt been blessed with a women to bare my child yet

Well im off to bed kik me some time brandonchase21

Will do. Night


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