any question. personal. weird. funny. I'll answer to the best of my ability.
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Have you seen the movie 'salo' ?


How tall are you

about 5'4

who is the first person tat comes to ur mind when u hear the word "*******" ??

tat was a s s h ole

my father.

What do you want to do when you graduate high school and or college?

I want to get married, possibly have kids, and be a lawyer or doctor.

You go girl!!!!

How much do you weigh?

100 even. but I'm only 5'4 so I guess that's a good weight


What question, of all questions, do you want someone to ask you the most?

Not that you would mind, but it doesn't have to make sense to the general public.

How are you feeling and why?

Are u feeling naughty

no. ✋

Why should I do that. I probably know more answers than you anyway and you have about fifty years to catch up

Lol, here is someone who says age defines how smart you are. In some cases, yes, in most, no. So sry boutcha but I'm prolly smarter than you.

Are you happy with your life??

at the moment, yes.

Would you ever want to poop in a diaper


How do you fit all them jeans?

idk man. I kind of just wiggled right into them.

Hahahaha nice answer!

nice question 😉

Do u starve?

like starve myself purposely?


sometimes but not often.

Does it really work? Like if you wanna lose weight?

I don't recall losing weight but it makes me feel skinny and light so that's why I do it

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What is ur ideal man in life?

taller than me, great sense of humor, pretty eyes, very caring and supportive

Lol are you ticklish do you like to be tickled

I'm very ticklish and I hate to be tickled

I'm very ticklish and I hate to be tickled

Do you have A boyfriend

no but Im not looking for a relationship because I still have feelings invested in my last relationship.

How old are you

I turned 17 yesterday

Awesome. Where you from x

born and raised in New Jersey, living in upstate New York

Where in NY.. I grew up in Saugerties (Catskill Mts area)

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Do you dye your hair

Read my questions you might find the answer

yeah I've dyed my hair a few times.

What color is your hair?

naturally light brown but dyed blonde.

How long is it

mediumish? like to middle of my back.

Wow what hairstyle do you like the most

I don't have a preferred hair style. I just do whatever works.

Can I pm you? Some of these next questions might get weird and crazy.

lol sure

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Do you think you're a good person?

sometimes. don't get me wrong, I can be a bad person sometimes but no one is perfect. I try to always be a good person though.