Bring that **** on, because I'm more than ready!
EgoWoman EgoWoman
18-21, F
6 Responses Jun 21, 2014

Send me a picture of your bare butt

Take a shower in yoga pants

I'll sacrifice you to the dark lord cathulu.

Uhhh... Okay.


Lol not really, but I am slightly disturbed...

Welp I've a achieved my goal


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I dare u to text me at 2187709275

Please say yes

I dare you to cover yourself in peanut butter n jelly and stand on the street corner naked asking random animals if they would like a pb&j sandwhich when the owner of the animals tells you to **** off take pb&j off of you put it on bread and hit them with it

What the ****?

I dare you to walk totally naked into the kitchen while your mom is making dinner, and declare to her that you have decided you no longer wish to eat dinner while wearing clothes.

LOL. I think my mum would beat the **** outta me...