Go ahead I guess. It's all safe on here anyway
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I dare you to be my fan!

sure. I'll be your fan. you look good so why not! i don't know how though XD, never did that on ep

msg me

Stroke your banana & squirt milk.

If I don't have a banana, can I stroke something else?

Stroke your clam (your female private part) and squirt milk from your clam. I like to lie down in front of a mirror, spread my legs wide above my neck, and stroke my clam/crack (my female private part). I stroke, moan, grunt, and curl my toes until I squirt milk from my clam. When I squirt, I shake, grunt, and swear. I usually video tape myself stroking my clam and squirting. I wish I could lick my clam, but my neck is too short,. BUT I can get my face close enough to my clam to smell it, which turns me on (I usually smell it before I start stroking- that gets my clam wet).

i do have a banana,but I'll surely stroke it after that hot story