Gone Again

hi, im brandi and my boyfriend is jerry, he is currently at SOI/ ITB.... he got to come home for christmas, which was amazing, but just left again 2 days ago. i hate having to tell him goodbye, its the worst feeling in the world. even though i get to talk to him every weekend, sometimes during the week aswell, i still miss him. nothing can replace him actually being here. we get on video chat every weekend, but its just not the same as him being here holding me. i cant wait to be in his arms again. i love him so much! being a marine girlfriend is definatly the hardest job in the corps, i dont care what anyone says. i would like to see other people do this ****.
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2 Responses Jan 3, 2011

that it does indeed

i aboslutely love this.. its definitly a challange, but in the end it makes your relationship so much stronger!