It Is the Hardest Thing I Have Ever Had to Do

Loving my Marine means having to say goodbye for months at a time,

It means waiting not so patiently for his phone calls, letters and emails.

It means learning to live alone, cook for one and not have someone to help you get that heavy box out of the top of the closet.

It means sleeping in his shirt because it is the closest thing you can get to having his arms around you.

It is listening to the same songs over and over again because they are the only ones that don't make you cry

It means spraying his calone so that for at least a few minutes you can pretend he was there.

Loving a marine means having to be stronger than you ever though you would need to be and it is all worth it.

AllieKatt87 AllieKatt87
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16 Responses Feb 19, 2009

As Im lying in my boyfriends shirt, that still smells like him, listening to Boys Like Girls "My Heroine" only because it is my ringtone on his phone, I find this post. This COULD NOT be more true to my life.

I'm about to cry after reading this. It really hit home, probably because it explains so well how I feel. I'm wearing his sweatshirt right now. =( I didn't even know it was possible to miss someone to such a capacity.

nice reading this ..... made me more inspired.... this is a 26 yr old filipina and loving a US Marine as well....

awww very true!! i teared up

awww so true! totally made me cry good job!

Aww..this is so true...(wiping my tears, lol)

Aww..this is so true...(wiping my tears, lol)

so true.. everyone misses em!

This brought me to tears. I am doing the same things. Thank you for sharing!

this rings so true. i was literally tearing. great post! ^.^

I love this! Especially the cologne part! My just left again...I miss him so much! Thanks!

brought tears to my eyes bc it is SOOOOO true. great post!


I LOVED YOUR POST!!! it is very touching and fits so all perfectly...

All those things are SO true!!!!

yea i no wat u mean...have you ever gone w/ him ? like mine is stationed n japan right now but i plan to join him later